Our Story


From my heart to yours!

As you may know, I am Francesca, the mother of two beautiful girls - Gaia & Nina.

As their little personalities blossomed, so did my love for girls fashion and the desire to create something pure, genuine and full of life, just like them, that would allow me to dress them with love while expressing their individuality. 

It is incredibly important to me what I put on my children. At Gaia & Nina, you can be sure that you are purchasing only the finest fabrics, made of pure natural fibers, hand sewn at a boutique atelier with talented hands who put their care and expertise on each piece, to ensure the highest quality. 

From vintage inspired styles to timeless garments made from delicate laces and light cottons and linens, I hope your daughters will, in the future, hand down these pieces to their daughters.

Thank you for making Gaia & Nina part of your life, and I hope you love this line as much as I do.


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